A bit of an administrative update

Stepping away, briefly, from the posting of individual papers, I have added a set of links to journals and sites to the Linked List. To find it, scroll down essentially to the bottom of this page - it's on the right side. New additions (beyond the journals I peruse for this list) are links to PER-CENTRAL and the Reviews in Physics Education Research. A previous and at the time unannounced addition was a search function (on both posts and tags, case sensitive). The tag list has gone a bit out of control, but so be it. Enough blathering.

Thanks, by the way, for all those who visit this site. I hope that readers will, at some point, begin commenting on the papers that are found here (a public forum on the value of the individual papers), but that has barely started (thanks, Dave, for starting it!).

For more on how this blog is set up (at least my goals when I started it), click here.