Dexin Dong Wang Nianle Minwen Yu - arxiv.org 2008

An Experiment of Research-Oriented Teaching/Learning

Dexin Lu (NJU), Dong Ruan (THU), Wang Xu (NJU), Nianle Wu (THU), Minwen Xiao (NJU), Yu an (THU)

We introduce our experiment of research-oriented teaching mainly in Nanjing University and Tsinghua University, China. The great population and enrollment in China makes it worth to concern. It lasts 20 years and involves thousands of students and hundreds of instructors, consultant experts. We tried many characteristic styles such as integrated teaching and case analysis, open resources, interactive mode, course paper program, elite solutions and so on. The research on the contents is also placed on the agenda. Many students joined research works that lead to PRL, APL, Nature, Science, and Cell papers. To impart colleagues the essence we offered some examples in every session. We declare the accomplishment of the experiment through this paper and new project is programming.