Studies in Educational Evaluation special issue

This special issue looks really interesting for those who are focusing on methodology, credibility of measurements, and so on. The applications to PER should be relatively obvious, but they are part of our unquestioned assumptions about the data that we take. Read up for more...

The Process of Evaluation: Focus on Stakeholders
Edited by Tanner LeBaron Wallace and Marvin C. Alkin

Studies in Educational Evaluation
Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 191-230 (December 2008)

1. Editorial Board
Page CO2

2. Editor's Note
Page 191

3. Process of evaluation: Focus on stakeholders
Pages 192-193
Tanner LeBaron Wallace, Marvin C. Alkin

4. What we learned from three evaluations that involved stakeholders
Pages 194-200
Jean A. King, John C. Ehlert

5. Integrating participatory elements into an effectiveness evaluation
Pages 201-207
Tanner LeBaron Wallace

6. When stakeholders rebel: Lessons from a safe schools program
Pages 208-211
Billie Gastic, Decoteau J. Irby, Maureen Zdanis

7. Engaging stakeholders in the planning of a collaborative multi-agency evaluation: The HousingPlus Collaborative Communities Project
Pages 212-217
John Sylvestre, J. Bradley Cousins, Purnima Sundar, Tim Aubry, Val Hinsperger

8. Encouraging stakeholder engagement: A case study of evaluator behavior
Pages 218-223
Cheryl-Anne Poth, Lyn Shulha

9. What have we learned about stakeholder involvement in program evaluation?
Pages 224-230
Sandy Taut