Willoughby Gustafson - AJP 2009

Technology talks: Clickers and grading incentive in the large lecture hall
American Journal of Physics, Volume 77, Number 2 (February 2009), pp. 180-183

Shannon D. Willoughby, Eric Gustafson

Two sections of an introductory astronomy class were given different grading incentives for clicker participation for two consecutive semesters. In the high stakes classroom points were awarded only for correct answers, in contrast to the low stakes classroom in which points were awarded simply for participating. Self-formed groups of four students each were recorded in both sections several times during the spring 2007 semester and their conversations were transcribed and categorized into nine topics to analyze the variations between the sections. Performance on clicker questions and tendency to block vote were correlated with class grades and gains for the pre- and post-test scores on the Astronomy Diagnostic Test.