Ed Psych linked articles on Ohlsson's model of conceptual change

Rather than post all articles individually, here are a batch of linked articles on resubsumption and conceptual change, published in the Educational Psychologist.

Educational Psychologist, Volume 44 Issue 1 2009

Resubsumption: A Possible Mechanism for Conceptual Change and Belief Revision
Stellan Ohlsson

Rethinking the Role of Resubsumption in Conceptual Change
Andrew Shtulman

Conceptual Change—Multiple Routes, Multiple Mechanisms: A Commentary on Ohlsson (2009)
Clark A. Chinn; Ala Samarapungavan

Contrasting Ohlsson's Resubsumption Theory With Chi's Categorical Shift Theory
Michelene T. H. Chi; Sarah K. Brem

Meaning Change, Multiple Routes, and the Role of Differentiation in Conceptual Change: Alternatives to Resubsumption?
Stellan Ohlsson