Scherr - arxiv.org 2007

UPDATED: 2008 Jan 27: The final version of this paper (with all video attached) was published in the Physical Reviews. More information at Scherr - Phys Rev 2008.

Gesture analysis for physics education researchers
Rachel E. Scherr

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 18:07:46 GMT (544kb)

Systematic observations of student gestures can not only fill in gaps in students' verbal expressions, but can also offer valuable information about student ideas, including their source, their novelty to the speaker, and their construction in real time. This paper provides a review of the research in gesture analysis that is most relevant to physics education researchers and illustrates gesture analysis for the purpose of better understanding student thinking about physics.

This paper has been accepted in the Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research, and is published here in its preprint draft version.