Robinett - arxiv.org 2007

Using Physics to Learn Mathematica to Do Physics: From Homework Problems
to Research Examples


R. W. Robinett
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:22:39 GMT (182kb)

We describe the development of a junior-senior level course for Physics majors designed to teach Mathematica skills in support of their undergraduate coursework, but also to introduce students to modern research level results. Standard introductory and intermediate level Physics homework-style problems are used to teach Mathematica commands and programming methods, which are then applied, in turn, to more sophisticated problems in some of the core undergraduate subjects, along with making contact with recent research papers in a variety of fields.

(this paper doesn't seem to be PER, but Robinett is the co-author of the QMVI, and this paper can be filtered through the perspectives provided by Bing and Redish - arxiv.org 2007.)