Lopes Silva Cravino Costa Marques Campos - JRST 2008

Transversal traits in science education research relevant for teaching and research: A meta-interpretative study
J Res Sci Teach 45: 574-599, 2008

J. Bernardino Lopes, António Alberto Silva, José P. Cravino, Nilza Costa, Luís Marques, Carlos Campos

This study is a meta-interpretative analysis that focuses on research conducted and published by other researchers. Concepts central to this study include global practical relevance, curriculum design, and formative situation. We analyzed 35 studies selected from 374 published studies in the years 2000 and 2001 in three journals referenced in the International Scientific Index. Using a replicable methodology developed specifically for this research, we found evidence of s clusters of variables that suggest the existence of transversal traits in the 35 science education research studies. These results form a reference framework of theoretical and practical knowledge relevant for research and practice pertaining to teaching and learning science.