Guisasola Almudi Ceberio Zubimendi - IJSME 2008

Designing And Evaluating Research-Based Instructional Sequences For Introducing Magnetic Fields
Int.J. Science and Math Education online first

Jenaro Guisasola, Jose Manuel Almudi, Mikel Ceberio, Jose Luis Zubimendi

This study examines the didactic suitability of introducing a teaching sequence when teaching the concept of magnetic fields within introductory physics courses at the university level. This instructional sequence was designed taking into account students’ common conceptions, an analysis of the course content, and the history of the development of ideas about magnetic fields. The evaluation is undertaken by comparing the results with a control group using written questionnaires and analyzing recordings of class discussion. The results show that the elements within the sequence help students to reconcile an overall description with field analysis of magnetic interactions.